Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rabbitry Plans Update :: September 2011

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You haven't heard about rabbits here lately, so I'll give you a bit of an update. The French angora breeder I am buying from is planning on a new litter or two in November from two breeding pairs, chocolate doe/blue buck pair and a smoke pearl doe/ruby-eyed white buck pair. So I'm really interested to see what those two litters end up looking like. Rabbit color genetics seems a little confusing to me. I think I just need someone to explain it to me... verbally.

So on a rabbit arrival timeline, we're looking at about January. In November the breeder I'm buying from is returning from a rabbit show so she may have something for me then. Who knows. It's hard to wait so long for animals I've been anticipating for months, but I just remind myself that I am waiting for purebred French angoras and French angora breeders are few and far between here in California.

Anyways-- also on the rabbit front, I have decided to build a simple "shed" for my future rabbits. I say shed because it's only 10 feet by 10 feet... not barn sized or anything. It should actually fit pretty snug between the Frühlingskabine's deck and house. This should keep out any stray dogs, foxes, cats, or raccoons.

Sorry about the dim picture. Here's what I have planned: a slanted roof (absolutely necessary here where it snows) and walls that are plywood about 4 feet up and then lattice for the top 2-3 feet. Lattice is a little more expensive, but it will look nice, match the deck which has lattice, and it should provide adequate ventilation for the rabbits. The roof will be made of corrugated PVC roofing because after the "chicken ark".... I am never shingling anything ever again.

This is the floor plan. The door is in the center so I can have a row of cages on either side. With a 10'x10' shed, I can fit three (30"x36") cages side by side in both rows. If I stack my cages two high I can fit a maximum of twelve cages in this shed. Theoretically, I could stack the cages three high, but I don't want to have to lean over that much to feed and care for them on a daily basis. Trevor would never approve of twelve rabbits, but he really won't be able to see how many I've got in there anyhow... hehehe.

- Sarah

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