Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little More About Us...

So I just set up a mini-profile on Urban Homesteading's site which is an extension of "The Little Homestead in the City" blog which I adore and have mentioned before as an inspiration of mine. I was instantly welcomed (always a nice feeling) and asked about my choice in names for the place. I instantly realized I never actually shared much of our backgrounds or the background of the property with you. I should have... I know.

Frühlingskabine. I'll save you the google search and tell you it means "Spring Cabin" in German. My dear Uncle Jack named it such. He was a man with great cynical wit that I like to think was passed on to me. Uncle Jack was great with the sarcastic retorts for anything said and he always delivered them with a sly little wink. I would like to remember him always by naming our tiny homestead attempt in his honor.

Thus, Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm.

I suppose we are really still leading up to the micro-farm part, at least in my mind. We do have a fenced in garden (we have to think of the hungry deer) that is 28 feet by 32 feet, a thriving beehive, six chickens, and come January three French angora rabbits.

I'm not really sure at what point we will really be a bonafide micro-farm, but I do know that we're getting there. Maybe when we actually produce more than vegetables? I don't know.

As for us, the workers, Trevor works at a full-time job and more than helps me around the yard on weekends. He is a "Jack of all trades" type, so he knows how to build and cook and help plan all my crazy ideas. He also tempers all of my whimsical ideas.

I am, as you can now tell, the one who wants to do everything. Grow rabbits for wool and meat, chicken everything, backyard fish farming, building sheds and coops and greenhouses, I even was seconds away from bringing home a turkey from the feed store to grow out for the Thanksgiving table. Thank god I have someone to temper my whimsical ideas. He makes me take it a day at a time.

Trevor grew up in a mixture of Montana and Oregon and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Needless to say, I am the city-slicker gone country-girl. But, we all should do what makes us happy right?!

Our daughter (who is so often the focus of my camera) is almost two and already knows the path the deer take through our yard, that deer love rotten apples, that the chicken coop is where you look for eggs (I worry about any upcoming Easter egg hunts), that carrots are meant to be carried by their greens all around the yard, and that there are always red tomatoes in the garden. I am so proud that she already knows more about real life than I did at that age. How wise she is. Sign Language certainly helps too.

I'd hate to drone on, but our micro-family has found a special little place for our growing micro-farm in our hearts and it seems the more time we spend here the more we realize what we want our lives to be like. Someday we hope to expand to larger livestock (even goats would count in this category), but for now we do what we can with what we've got. Isn't that what we all aim for?

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