Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Status :: prepared

The long awaited preparation of soil. We've been "beefing up" our half of the garden all winter by adding compost, adding nitrogen-rich rabbit manure, adding some decomposing leaves, and finally.... rote-tilling it all in.

We are trying a "square foot garden" this year to try to optimize space. I marked out our 4x4' beds with wooden stakes.

I drilled holes through the top of each stake so I could run jute through them, more obviously marking beds and paths.

See? Easy peasy. Then I hammered them in the soil really well.

Marked and ready to plant seeds in two weeks. Even with the deceivingly warm weather today, March always brings unexpected snow. We'll see if that stands true for this year as well.

This is a view of the rear fence corner. We will be trellising the Amish pie pumpkins, butternut squash, Amish paste tomatoes, and Golden Honey Moon melons (at different seasons) on this fence. Use what you've got right?!

Here is my layout for the garden. The garden gate would be in the bottom left corner of the garden plan and is the position from which I took all of these pictures.
The paprika peppers and garlic will take up the whole bed they are marked in, but are planted in opposite seasons. The blue circles are potted blueberry bushes that we are attempting to bring back.

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