Monday, February 13, 2012

The Nudist Annex

So, as you know, we have resurrected the original chicken coop. When our family first got chickens we bought a large doghouse with insulated walls and converted it into a "chicken coop" by adding a roost and two nest boxes on the back. After two of our four little Barred Rock chicks were brutally murdered by a neighbor's house cat we decided to up the security and build the existing "Deluxe Chicken Ark". The little doghouse/coop was retired.

But since the arrival of our new Naked Neck Turkens we have found a new need for it. As a nudist annex. The Turkens were getting beat-up and there wasn't any sign of that stopping so we decided to create a safe haven for them.

There was no way we were about to build a whole new coop and run for just two chickens, no matter how stinkin' cute. So we dug out the old doghouse/coop...

...cut a hole in the existing run, used some scrap chicken wire and secured a tunnel from the run to the front of the little coop...

...sectioned off a small piece of the run with some fencing and tent stakes...

...and inserted the Turkens, Molter and Scully. Their little coop is the perfect size for the two of them and has a cute drawbridge door that acts as a ramp into their part of the outdoor run.

I checked on them a few times today, since it has been raining, and everything is dry and warm. Success!

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