Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday morning I went about my morning chores as usual. Feed the rabbits. Thaw the rabbit water bottles. Open the door for the chickens to come out into their run. Throw hot water on the chicken waterer to thaw it out. Check to see if their feeder was full. Glance around for eggs. Eggs? I didn't put brown golf balls in there to trick the chickens... that's an EGG! Holy crap! There are three eggs!

Needless to say, we fried them right up. I have never had an egg that was not from a grocery store, so this was a very exciting experience for me. They tasted delightfully rich and were fantastic even without salt or pepper. I didn't bother using either because I wanted my first real egg to stand on its own. And it did. If you've never tasted a "homegrown" egg... you should!

If you look closely at the picture you can see that all three eggs are slightly different colors. One egg was really long an narrow, the second was fairly average shaped, and the third was average shaped but had white speckles all over. It's amazing how hens can lay eggs that look so different from each other.

When I cracked the eggs open I noticed how thick the shells felt. Compared to market eggs, those suckers were difficult to crack open. Just look at how orange those yolks are! They even look fresh. I bet these would really turn a hollandaise sauce into something special.

- Sarah

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