Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Real Rabbitry

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Wow! Our first real, official rabbit post. It's not all thinking and planning and plotting anymore. We actually have rabbits now. After a 15-hour trip to Eureka and back... we have our three new rabbits home and safe in their custom shed.


"Dandelion" the fawn colored doe. She is very calm, but shy. Dandelion is almost 6 months old.

"Clementine" the chocolate tort colored doe. She is a bit skittish, bit she is very sweet once she feels safe. Clementine is also 6 months old.

"Thistle" the ruby-eyed white buck. He is super snuggly and potentially my favorite so far. Thistle is 1 year old. We were both surprised when we first saw Thistle because of his size. He is certainly two whole arms full when you hold him.

None of the rabbits are related so I should have a pretty good breeding program for a few years before I need some fresh stock. Well, out to give them their evening meal!

- Sarah

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