Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rabbits and Long Walks on the Beach

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This past week we have all been getting to know our new rabbits better.

Some of us more than others. Anyway-- we seem to have discovered their little personalities. Or at least they are beginning to shine through.

Thistle, our ruby-eyed white buck is a charming but lazy boy. When I go in their shed I often find him laying around practically lounging. I half expect to catch him eating potato chips in front of a secret television. Silly rabbit. Despite his obvious love of afternoon napping, he always rushes up to the cage door to greet me. Although I'd like to think it was just me he is happy to see I do know better. He is always looking for hay to snack on and he has smartly made the connection between me... and hay. Silly rabbit.

Dandelion is our fawn colored doe. She is shy, but sweet. I can tell. She is still getting used to us. An almost two-year old is a lot to handle in your face everyday. Believe me... I know. But Dandelion is coming around. She let's me pet her more and more each day, each time I pick her up it gets a little easier, and today she even let Cami stroke her head. She may have even enjoyed it. She'll come around.

And lastly, Clementine, she is our chocolate tort doe. Of all three rabbits I think Clementine is the most outgoing. She is always cheerful and happy to see us (even if it is under the guise of hunger) and is more than happy to receive her share of love. Clementine will let Cami pet her as long as she likes which is the best kind of rabbit for an almost two-year old to interact with.

I am even beginning to think that Clementine will be our first doe to breed in two months. She seems up to the job as far as temperament goes and this will give Dandelion a little more time to warm up to us. Which brings me to my next task... figuring out rabbit color genetics. What do you get when you breed a ruby-eyed white to a chocolate tort? I'll let you know when I've mastered Punnett squares.

- Sarah

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