Thursday, January 19, 2012

Around the House

We are supposedly getting some rain tonight. Supposedly. We were also supposed to get rain yesterday and the day before and last week and last month. You know what? Haven't seen a drop.

I'm thinking of making my "Magical Bread" recipe into dinner rolls instead of a loaf tomorrow. I'll post a picture of how that turns out. Cross your fingers and wish my bread rolls luck.

It has been 20 degrees at 8 o'clock every morning for the last week. This means that every morning I have filled up a steel bucket with hot water in my bathtub before heading out to the animals. First I submerge the rabbit water bottles in the hot water while I feed my long eared friends. Once all three angoras have their morning pellets and fresh hay, I replace each of the unthawed water bottles. Then the chickens get the remaining warm water dumped into their water jug. On the way back to the house I fill my arms with firewood and build a fire waiting for the little one to wake up.

On a side note, although I suppose these are all side notes, I have gotten really efficient at building a strong hot fire. Also, the chickens laid a whopping five eggs today! The most we have gotten in one day was four eggs so this is pretty exciting. Go hens!

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