Friday, January 6, 2012

Bees... In Winter?

Really, Trevor and I haven't written about our bees in awhile because there isn't supposed to be anything going on at the hive. It is winter after all. A time when most bees would be huddled around the queen trying to stave off the cold. The only reason they should leave is for "cleansing" flights (read: bee pee-pee-dance).

However, it has not been as cold as it should be around here. We literally have not had a decent cloudy day or even rain in two months which is weird, to say the least. As I type this, it is 60 degrees outside. The same as it's been for the last few weeks. The same as it's been since September.

But it's not September... it is January. Where is our snow?

I digress, back to the bees. So, our bees have obviously been out and about with the warmer temperatures and have been finding lots of pollen. This time of year there are quite a few daffodils to forage on. If you watch this video Trevor took yesterday afternoon, you will see four to five bees with huge amounts of pollen collected on their legs. It makes you wonder how they fly with all that weight.

Looks like we can look forward to a late-spring honey harvest!

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