Sunday, January 22, 2012

After the Rain

Did I tell you we finally got some rain? Friday night and through the day yesterday it rained. Not a real downpour but certainly more than a sprinkle. We also got some hail. Briefly. No snow though. I'm starting to wonder if we will get any snow this year. Then again, we often have snow in February and March.

This morning I decided it was "farm chores" time. We usually do repairs, clean the coop, clean the rabbit cages, work on the compost/garden on Saturdays, but as I said, Saturday was washed away. We actually had a good time baking and watching movies instead.

That left all the chores for today. Which is fine with me. It just gives me a little more motivation to have everything ready for the week ahead of us. So, the coop was shoveled out and the soiled bedding was replaced with hay. I usually fill their coop with dry leaves to save on costs (and honestly who wants all those pine shavings in their compost constantly?) , however after a good rain everything is as can be expected, soaked. So some of the rabbits' dry hay will have to do. Really, a whole $20 bale of hay has lasted over a month and I'm only about 1/6th of the way through it. I am a little worried that if I let it sit too long it will get too moist and go bad before the rabbits have a chance to eat it all up.

Rabbit cages are a pain in the arse to clean, let me tell you! The actual physical act of dumping the contents of dropping pan into a wheelbarrow is not difficult. Playing musical chairs with the rabbit-filled rabbit cages is. I cannot wait to get some racks built to make my life -and cleaning- a lot easier. If you saw my Rabbitry tour video then you saw my current (hopefully temporary) setup with the cages single stacked on wooden pallets with legs. I don't recommend this. But, at the end of the day, it does work and I am thankful that I even have rabbits. Especially that beautiful and dry rabbit shed! It's good to be a rabbit here at the Frühlingskabine.

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