Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rabbit Genetics :: Clementine's litter

Luckily, through Clementine's three-generation pedigree, I know almost her complete color gene sequence. I am missing just one space:
aa means "self" colored or completely one color
bb means chocolate ('b' is brown 'B' would be black)
Cc means dominantly full color, recessively albino
D_ means dominantly dense colored (non-diluted color) which keeps her color chocolate as opposed to the diluted version of lilac. The '_' blank space is an unknown gene.
ee means non-extension giving her a tortoiseshell pattern where a 'Ee' or 'EE' would make her appear darker over her whole body.

Clementine's color genes in combination with Thistle's albino color genes gives their litter a fairly limited amount of color possibilities.

50% chance of:
aa b_ cc DD e_ (color gene sequence)
Ruby Eyed White

37.5% chance of:
aa b_ Cc DD e_ (color gene sequence)
Black, Chocolate, Tortoise Shell, Chocolate Tortoise Shell

12.5% chance of:
aa b_ Cc d_ e_ (color gene sequence)
Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Tortoise Shell, Blue Tortoise Shell, Chocolate Tortoise Shell, Lilac Tortoise Shell

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