Saturday, March 3, 2012

Round Two

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If you've been following along, you would remember that I bred our French angora doe Dandelion to our buck Thistle last month. Obviously that didn't take because it is well past her "day 31" due date. Yesterday I tried to breed her with Thistle again with marginal success. For the best results, you want the pair to breed at least twice... third time's a charm. Dandelion is very much against this little arrangement and refused to try more than once. That was my problem last month. Poor thing just isn't ready yet.

Today I decided to try my luck with our other doe Clementine. Thank goodness one of the girls wanted to cooperate! Thank goodness Thistle wasn't the problem!

Sure, there is a chance that Dandelion's potential pregnancy took after just one breeding, but I'm not counting on it. **Knock on wood.** Clementine was willing to breed twice since noon today and I think I will try to squeeze in a third tomorrow morning. Clemmie will give me a great chance of having a litter of little ones by Easter morn'. This also means I will be needing a second nest box for Clementine incase each doe needs one. Since I did breed Dandelion once, I have to assume that she is also pregnant and care for her accordingly.

Here is the break down on the Rabbitry calendar:

March 2: bred Dandelion 1 time
March 3: bred Clementine 3 times

March 13: palpate Dandelion (day 11)
March 14: palpate Clementine (day 11)

March 16: palpate Dandelion/ double check (day 14)
March 17: palpate Clementine/ double check (day 14)

March 29: put in nest box for Dandelion (day 27)
March 30: put in nest box for Clementine (day 27)

April 2: Dandelion due (day 31)
April 3: Clementine due (day 31)

Mark your calendars!

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