Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This Week At A Glance

We have been anxiously awaiting the day we get to plant our seeds in the garden. It's difficult to wait when you have fantastical visions of an over-abundant Eden-like garden full of delicious vegetables and fruits. But we have kept our minds elsewhere until the time comes to plant in a couple weeks.

I made a stamp for our honey jars this summer.

I received my membership packet from the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA... like the AKC of the rabbit world). It included my membership number and card, Rabbitry registration certificate (Frühlingskabine Rabbitry is ARBA #D1391), and the best book ever on anything and everything you could possibly need to know about raising rabbits titled Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies.

Cami and I have been eating pear and cheese sandwiches. A lot of them. I use sliced Anjou pears, Monterey jack cheese, sliced homemade Dutch-oven bread and then I broil them in the oven until crispy. It makes for a savory sweet sandwich without all the added fat of buttered and grilled bread. It may sound weird, but try it. You'll be hooked.

Today Cami and I spent the morning making easy-peezy pretzel sticks. I usually make them in the traditional "pretzel" shape, but they are easier to dip in stick form. I'll post the recipe separately.

Other things going on here on the farm:

The Turkens are laying eggs again. Not everyday. More like every other day. Molter's feathers have come in nicely after a molt... obviously.

Dutch-oven bread (aka magical bread) goes way too fast. Our family of three goes through almost a whole loaf everyday. That makes my baking two loaves every other day kind of annoying. What I need to do is get another 5-quart Dutch oven and bake four loaves a week. That way I can just freeze two if I need to.

I spent the whole day yesterday slaving over our new website and it should launch... tomorrow evening! It is mostly the blog with the same type of content as we have always had, but I have included specialty pages including one for selling rabbits through our Rabbitry. We also plan on having some sort of a giveaway this weekend on our new website in celebration. More details on all of that tomorrow.

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