Monday, July 4, 2011

Chickens: Batch No. 1

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We converted a doghouse from Lowes into a chicken coop. I installed a roost inside (half the roof lifts up for easy cleaning), added nesting boxes on the back, and made a draw bridge door that locks. Everyone pitched in to put up a chicken wire fence and deer netting top for a run.
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Early last Friday evening I got a phone call from my mom. One chicken was mangled and one was missing. It looked like a cat squeezed through the wire somehow into the run and cut the chickens off from the safety of their coop. 
Myrtle and Pearl ran to safety while (I like to think) Maude distracted the evil cat. Maude was always looking out for the other girls. I'm sure the cat saw through Maude's ploy and swiped her with its claws then grabbed Eleanor in its jaws and retreated through the fence to its lair. Maude took her last few breaths with her two friends standing by her side, holding her wing.
Or at least that's how it went down in my head.   

Here are our two survivors, Myrtle and Pearl, chasing crickets and Camsters checking in on them.
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- Sarah

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