Monday, July 4, 2011

chickens: Batch No. 2

My comic

After the massacre at the chicken ranch, we beefed up security on the chicken run. I also decided I needed a few more chickens to make up for our losses. At the feed store I found these cuties...
My comic

The two yellow chicks are Golden Sexlinks named Honey (the darker one) and Butter (the lighter one in the right corner). The two that look like chipmunks are Silver Laced Wyandottes named Agatha (top corner) and Henrietta (in the picture on the left). They won't be ready to go outside for about 3 more weeks. 
I decided not to get more Barred Rocks because my brother said I needed to be "racially diverse with my flock". And since I believe in the buddy system, I have two of each. Here ya go Natie!

- Sarah

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