Monday, July 18, 2011

Deluxe Chicken Ark :: part 2

"In theory, this is going to be perfect."  --Trevor

One more trip to Lowe's this morning for MacGyver-style gate connectors, another pack of shingles, and some vent corners to turn into a self-feeder.
Supply cost subtotal: $70
Coop Cost Total: $280

My comic
All the beam sets are up!
OSB board added to the back and the egg collecting/clean-out hatch is cut.

My comic
The chicken door to the run is drawn out first...
Then cut and the OSB attached to the front. Mind you, these triangle frontp and back are two pieces: a long 4' tall bottom and a small 20"tall top seamlessly screwed on with a support between the two slanted side walls.

My comic
Always have a chicken-sized kid test out the chicken-shaped hole from the coop to the run.
Gate frame and gate intalled.

 My comic
Painted with extra Weatherbeater exterior paint we had on hand.
Shingles being added. It turned out white shingles are the cheapest and matched. Lucky us!

Stay tuned for (hopefully) the conclusion on Wednesday... 
We just need to add chicken wire, the sliding chicken door, roosts, feeder, and the back door. 


- Sarah

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