Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deluxe Chicken Ark :: part 1

Our chickens need a bigger and better chicken coop and after searching the Internet, I have come up with this blown up version of the one-sided chicken ark. Our budget is $300 because honestly, who wants to spend more than that on chickens? Follow along and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

The finished product should be a 8' x 4' coop with an attached 8' x 9' run for a total of 8' x 13'. It's an odd measurement because the OSB we are using comes in 4' widths and our chicken wire is in 3' widths.

Supply List (so far): 
Seventeen 2"x3"x8' pine lumber
Three 2"x4"x16' pine lumber
Six 4'x8'OSB boards
One 30 square foot package of shingles
Tar paper (had already)
Roll of chicken wire (had already)
Gate (had already)
One box of 2 1/2" Grabber screws
One box of 3" Grabber screws
Hinge for back coop door
Magnetic closure for sliding run door
Two keyed Master Locks
Staple gun with staples
Exterior Weatherbeater paint (had already)

Supply subtotal: $210

My comic
Measure twice, cut once!
Laying out the foundation.

My comic
Cutting the proper angles for the ark support beams.

My comic
Beams are put together and the first one goes up!

My comic
Both coop beams are up as well as the end beam. The two center beams have yet to go up.
The two "roof" sides of the coop are on.

My comic
The long center beam is in.
Our daughter with her trusty Phillips.

Look for more on this project tomorrow!

- Sarah

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