Thursday, November 17, 2011

Picking Up Rabbits December 10th

I apologize for all the rabbit posts, but it is practically winter around here and there isn't much else going on around the "farm". Some people around here think I'm silly for being so excited about finally having a date to bring home my our rabbits. I think I've been patient enough to warrant such excitement.

On December 10th, Trevor and I will hop in the car at around 3:00 am and take the seven hour drive to Eureka, California. The breeder will give us a quick grooming demonstration and then we will get back in the car for a long drive home. We don't expect to be home until about 6:00 pm. This is what Trevor is least excited about. Fourteen hours of rabbit talk in the confinement of our tiny car.

Three weeks! That's it!

My mom thinks I should send out birth announcements after I bring them home. I seriously considered it.

- Sarah

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