Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rabbitry Update :: November 2011

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Oh my goodness! I feel like there is so much to tell you! Really, there isn't much, but I am extremely excited about the news I got from the breeder on Tuesday.

1. The kits (baby rabbits) have been born.
2. I got second choice on who I wanted.
3. Even though I got second choice, I still got the exact buck I wanted anyway.
4. I have paid for one buck (male) and two does (females) in full.
5. Now I am just waiting on the does to be weaned (ready to be taken away from mama rabbit) which is hopefully in about a month. Most breeders like kits to stay with their mother for 6-8 weeks.
6. The buck is already weaned and is being held for me until the does are ready.
7. None of the three rabbits had names yet, so the breeder let me name them whatever I wanted.

Here are the furry details:

This is Frith.

Photo above via Mad River Rabbitry

Frith is the sire (baby daddy) of the buck I just purchased. My buck is also a ruby-eyed white French angora... and he as the same strengths in body type to his pops. All that basically means is that he will be just as gorgeous as his father.

I named my buck "Thistle". The does I purchased are named "Clementine" and "Dandelion". Since the kits that were just born are still too young to sex, I won't know my choice in colored does for a few more weeks. I do know, however, that the two pairs bred were a blue with a chocolate and a ruby-eyed white with a smoke pearl. I'm still in the process of learning rabbit color genetics so I really don't know what a blue and a chocolate could possibly produce, but I am fairly sure that a REWhite and a smoke pearl will result in those two colors. I could be wrong. Rabbit color genetics is a messy business.

- Sarah

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